Terms and Conditions of use

For Ladyboy.Berlin

Updated the 15th of April 2020
Terms of Use

The main points

* Use of your personal data

We will only use data which you’ve made publicly visible on your profile.

Any data which has been made public by a user on the website is erased after the user account has been deleted.

We do not claim ownership of your uploaded content : you keep the copyrights of any content uploaded.

We do not sell or trade your data to any third-party organisations.

* Use of own account

To create an account, you must establish personal contact with us. In order to confirm that you are a real human being and that you are legally an adult (according to the legislation of your own country).

You can create an account for yourself as a user on this website or as a representative of a business (club, bar, escort agency, make-up artist, fashion stylist, marketing agent, lawyer for the LGBTQ+ community and many more).

Through your account, you can upload, modify, delete or update any content on your profile.

The user is responsible for keeping his account’s log-in data confidential. Ladyboy.Berin does not accept any responsibility for unauthorized access to your account by any third-party.

Should the user want to change his password, he can do so on his own profile. Should the user want to regenerate its password if it lost, the user needs to contact the administrator of the website.

* User obligations and behavior guidelines

For any content that you upload on the website, you must make sure that you are the copyright owner of this content.

We ask you to respect our services and those of other users. Do not misuse or abuse these services.

We ask you to respect other users and this community (no insults, no discrimination about religion, ethnic group, sexual orientations, no child and animal pornography …).

We ask you not to make known content you may have been privy to on this site to third-party organisations (in accordance to the respect of the privacy of our users).

By using this website, you are bound by its term of use. Any user not respecting the term of use, will have its account suspended and will be accountable for his actions in a court of law.

* Purpose of the website and services offered

This website purpose is to provide visibility for our users, facilitate interactions between our users and to create a secure meeting place for our community.

If you want to use your account for commercial purposes, we can provide you a secure access to our e-commerce platform, so you can present and sell you own products.